Food Service Equipment, North Brookfield MA
Jan 28 @ 10:00AM EST (Start)
Feb 5 @ 2:00PM EST (End)
ITEMS ARE LOCATED AT 70 East Brookfield Rd. Building 3 North Brookfield, MA Preview: February 3rd Please call Dan for further equipment information: 508 735 1743 Removal: 10am...
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70 East Brookfield Rd.
Building 3
North Brookfield, MA

February 3rd
Please call Dan for further equipment information: 508 735 1743

10am - 1pm ONLY
February 7th and 8th
North Brookfield, MA
Please contact Dan at  508 735 1743



Adams Auctions LLC D/B/A Adams Auctioneers and Appraisers, hereby recognized as Adams Auctions LLC.

By registering to bid in this auction, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, which will serve as a legal binding contract between the buyer and Adams Auctions LLC. These terms and conditions include the following: ALL ITEMS THAT ARE DEEMED SOLD AND APPEAR ON THE INVOICE SENT TO YOU AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE AUCTION MUST BE REMOVED DURING THE DATES SPECIFIED. Following the conclusion of the specified removal dates and times, Adams Auctions LLC will charge the buyer the purchase price of any items that they have left in the possession of Adams Auctions LLC and their partners. This item will be considered abandoned and becomes the property of Adams Auctions LLC. 

If items are not removed, they are considered abandoned. You will NOT be credited for abandoned items. If you fail to pay in full for the items that you have won, there may be legal action taken against you. By registering for this auction, you agree to the terms and conditions of this auction and understand your involvement and bidding participation. 

After Adams Auctions LLC has sold a piece of equipment, it becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All equipment is sold 'as is, where is' without any implication of warranty or guarantee implied.  Adams does their best to test items, but absolutely no guarantee is given to any merchandise. The words, "TESTED" on refrigeration indicates that the temperature was taken from a professional after the item was hooked up to power for a period of time, or on other items that it was powered on to verify working ability. Adams Auctions LLC is not held responsible for errors in description or inaccuracy of photos that may result in difference in opinion of condition or value of any item in the auction.
If you have specific questions about any item please call 508 735 1743 ​​​​​​prior to bidding. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to inspect the items and/or inquire about any items they are interested in. No question is a stupid question, and we do our best to relay the origin of equipment to any of our bidders. Bidders may inspect items prior to and during the auction by appointment if available. Buyers are responsible for bringing their own personnel and equipment necessary for removal. No liability for accuracy, errors, or omissions is assumed by Adams Auctions LLC of their affiliate partners. Adams Auctions LLC D/B/A Adams Auctioneers // Appraisers. By registering to bid in this auction, you are opting in to the email list of Adams Adams LLC and are opting in to be contacted by Adams Adams LLC.

If you have questions about how to bid, please call the Adams' offices at 860 887 8052. 

 Please bring adequate assistance for a speedy removal. 




USD (We do not accept Checks)

Buyer Premium

18% on winning bid price (credit)
15% on winning bid price (cash at removal)

Payment Terms

An option will be given following the close of the auction at time of removal to pay in cash. Paying in cash with exact change at the removal auction site will result in a 15% buyer's premium. If you intend to pay with cash, you must notify Sara after the close of the auction. We will call you the day following the close of the auction to verify this information.  Please verify that your phone number provided in the system is correct so we may reach you. If you choose to pay with a credit card, your credit card will be charged for the items you purchased upon completion of the auction on removal day, prior to removal times. This cash processing will take place at the removal site. Following the conclusion of the removal date, all unpaid invoices will be charged to the credit card on file. All merchandise must be paid in full prior to leaving the auction site. There is a 15% buyers premium for cash, 18% buyers premium for credit, and state of MA sales tax of 6.25% which will be added to your bill. Email invoices will be sent out after the auction has been reconciled. If you do not remove your item on the assigned removal dates, your credit card on file will be charged for your invoice total.


It is the sole responsibility of the winning bidder to make the necessary arrangements. For this particular auction, DELIVERY MAY BE AVAILABLE

10am - 1pm ONLY
February 7th & 8th
North Brookfield, MA

Adams representative leaves the location at 1pm. Please arrange to pick up items in a timely fashion. If you arrive past 1pm, you will be charged an additional $50 per hour to your invoice for the inconvenience to the staff on site. Adams employees are not required to assist in any removal of customer purchases. Please come prepared with tie-downs, tools, assistance in lifting, work gloves, dollies, hand trucks, etc.

Please note that there is not always power in any building that may be subject to an auction. Any items needed for removal should be battery powered. There is a bathroom on-site. 

By registering for this auction, you agreeing to Adams Auctions LLC terms and conditions for this auction. You are also agreeing to be added to our Email list to be notified of any upcoming auction. Your email address will never be shared with any third party for any advertising purposes.

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